About Us

We started training in Carol park in Bucharest with a handful of athletes in the summer of 2012. With winter knocking at our door, we moved inside a rented gym space at Piata Unirii where our awesome community started taking shape. 
In February of 2013, we mistakenly linked up with dishonest partners to form Uzina CrossFit.  Due to deep disagreements on core CrossFit values and more, problems arose quickly and - long story short - we took them to Court , we won the trial and continued to fight.
Meanwhile, we never lost focus on what truly matters and that's why & how Replay CrossFit was born again.

We are proud to be the First American CrossFit Box in Bucharest and we welcome you to join us for CrossFit "The American Way."

We stand by the idea that our Replay box, our members, our staff and our coaches are the driving force of our community. A community based on Honesty, Pride and Generosity of Spirit. We believe in coaching proper technique so every athlete can reach his or her potential, prevent injury and have fun.

This is why we are Different ... and we invite you to be Different with us @ Replay CrossFit.

Joe Velarde (Founder)
About Us
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