Membership Pricing

  CrossFit + Barbell Monthly Unlimited - 360
  CrossFit Monthly Unlimited - 310
  8 CrossFit Classes per month - 220
  8 Barbell Classes per month - 220
  4 CrossFit Classes per month - 150
  4 Barbell Classes per month - 150
  Drop-In CrossFit or Barbell - 45 


                       All prices are in Ron and include VAT. 


For CrossFit Monthly Unlimited Extended Memberships (3-months/ 6-months/ 1 year),  we offer significant discounts.
For Personal Training Packages, please contact us.

                      *** FREE TRIAL if you have never done CrossFit. 
                      All memberships/ sessions must be purchased at Replay CrossFit.

                      All memberships/ pachakes/ sessions are non-refundanble and non-transferable.
                      Fees are subject to change at any time without prior notification. 






Membership Pricing
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