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The American Way 

We are a family business with a purpose: to create a stronger and kinder community.
We serve brave souls who wanna make change happen.

Joe and Luminita Velarde

Is Replay CrossFit for YOU?

YES, If you want more energy in your daily life 
YES, If you want to Improve your posture and get rid of that annoying back pain 
YES, If you want become stronger, both physically and mentally 
YES, If you want to reduce stress in your life 
YES, If you want to sleep better at night 
YES, If you want to have fun with like-minded people 
YES, If you want a challenge everyday 
YES, If you want some well-deserved me-time
you want to be part of an awesome community 
YES, If you want to look good naked.√ 

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How we roll...

We offer Group Classes with a Personal Training touch. We host up to 14 members per class, so the coach can assess, correct, educate and motivate each one of you.
Each class lasts 1 (one) hour.
We start with a vigorous warm up, we loosen up with mobility drills and we learn or practice a specific exercise. 

Then we do the Workout of the Day (WOD).
The WOD is a well-planned combination of exercises. Every day, there's a new surprise WOD. We finish the class with a nice stretch and a big smile.

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Good to know!

We combine weightlifting, gymnastics, running, tire flips and so much more to create a unique experience for you. 
Our no 1 priority is your safety. All our classes are adjustable to your ability. All you need to do is sign upshow up. On time. Otherwise, you'll do burpees as punishment. smile
We are looking for people who are positive. We are looking for coachable and open-minded people who accept new ideas and want to get better in a learning environment. Most importanty, we are looking for people who wanna be part of our community.  Are YOU one of us?

If Yes, then See you at the Box! √

Alecsandru L.

I haven't had this feeling of belonging since I was doing karate in high school. It's not just the workouts, it's also the community. Not only that I get to stay fit, but I get to meet great people, funny people and kind people. The care and patience that the trainers have for us, both beginners and more experienced ones, is amazing. Thank you for nurturing this feeling. And thank you for your service!

Alecsandru L. Microsoft Specialist
Ioan S.

You changed the way I see the sport of fitness and helped me redefine my limits. At Replay CrossFit, I found a great team and a really nice community. A BIG thank you to Sebastian who is a great coach and athlete, to Geo for his kindness and patience, to Elena for her hospitality and smiles and last, but not least, to you Luminita and Joe for all the support and graciousness.

Ioan S. IT Software Developer
Andra S.

Replay is one of the few places that I come with a lot of pleasure: not just for CrossFit, but for the people and the values you teach.

Andra S. Lawyer
Maria V.

I have always been athletically inclined and open to new things. The main reason l like Replay CrossFit so much is that it turns off all the noise around me for an hour. When I'm in the Box, I'm in the zone. All my troubles, tasks and worries are gone, l only focus on the WOD in front of me. I look better, feel better and have more confidence in my day to day life. Replay is just plain awesome.

Maria V. Performance Marketing Manager
Ciprian T.

Replay is a Great Crossfit Box. I don't know how they did it, but they got me coming six times per week. I can't stay away.

Ciprian T. IT Software Developer
Beccy H.

Replay CrossFit – I love this place. It has the most excellent workouts by professional staff & coaches. They are the Best! It's not just a group of people who registered at a place where they go to work out. It's a wonderful community of people who love to challenge themselves to exercise their bodies and to motivate others, as well. Great instructors, great equipment and a super, great vibe. Absolutely the Best Box in Bucharest and a must-have-drop-in for every visitor. Owners, Joe and Luminita, love having CrossFitters from all over the world and they always welcome new people with a huge smile. And it doesn’t matter if visitors have no CrossFit experience. Everyone is welcome!

Beccy H. MD