As we are Replay CrossFit - the American Way, tomorrow - on 4th of July -  we are offering a 20 % SALE of ALL of our Tees!
And here are the 3 reasons why we love our Tee Shirts:

Our Tee Shirts represent something important to us.
That we belong to a COMMUNITY, to something bigger than ourselves.
They stand for VALUES  we truly believe in at Replay:  Integrity, Courage and Commitment.
They stand for how we do things at our Box and they differentiate us from others.

This is our first and most highly sought-after QUALITY.  

Instead of being made of 100% rough cotton which shrinks with every wash...instead of of being made of cheap nylon that retains bad body odor…our Replay Tees are TRIBLENDS or POLYBLENDS  meaning a mixture of materials that make them light, soft and super-super COMFORTABLE!

We wear them while we train.
We wear them with a pair of jeans.
We wear them on a mountain hike.
We roll one in our purse.
We carry one in our gym bag.
We throw one in our suitcase when we travel.

Come GET ONE tomorrow & See you at the Box for a great WOD!

Luminita & Joe Velarde