About Mihai and his AMAZING transformation

Fortunately, there was a voice of reason and encouragement. A very dear friend told me I need and could change. And he told me constantly day after day. He zealously preached to me about the amazing community at Replay CrossFit and how CrossFit could help me get fit and recover my health.  After his endless, recurrent monologues on the matter, I decided to give it a shot.

In the first one to two months, my body and my mind were constantly rejecting this decision that I made. Going to the gym brought constant pain, and it was literally everywhere. But I had to keep fighting. I could not give up.

At first I wasn't able to do even a proper push up. Lifting weights was also something that I couldn't understand, nor the ability to 'kip swing'. The Coaches here taught me how to cleverly make use of the essential muscles in my body in order to get under the barbell, how to achieve and make use of the momentum given by a kip swing. All in all, I learned a lot about how to push myself harder in an efficient way and also about maintaining a correct position while doing the workout (I was always reminded to KEEP THE BACK STRAIGHT!smile

My body was successfully undergoing the desired transformation. I was recovering both physically and mentally. All that pain that I was going through at the beginning was replaced by the joy of working out and and of being physically active. I was winning my fight.

Luckily, I wasn't alone in my fight. Indeed, at Replay I found the kind, compassionate community that my dear friend had described.

I felt that I finally belonged to “a family” where the Coaches (Geo, Florin, Luminita & Joe) and the more advanced members acted as older siblings. They taught me everything I know and do in CrossFit.

The confidence they had in me was amazing and overwhelming at times. All the guidance you receive from the Coaches for the technical and complex aspects of CrossFit, all the cheering when you're struggling to finish a difficult WOD, all the congratulations you receive at the end of it combined with the friendly handshakes/fist bumps, the amicable competition between athletes and the hand that helps you get up when your legs are wobbly…these are the things that make CrossFit the wonderful sport it is.

I am grateful for being a part of the amazing, kind, strong, compassionate community of athletes that is Replay CrossFit. I am proud to be a CrossFit athlete!"

We are very proud of you too, Mihai.
Keep on inspiring us!

See you at the Box!