We wanted to have as many “clients” as possible.
We wanted to open multiple locations.
We wanted to host CrossFit competitions.
We wanted all the hype and all the buzz.
We wanted to be everything to everybody. 

Over the years, we’ve refined our wants.
Now they are so much more in tune with who we are and how we like to do things.

First of all, now we only serve the brave people who wanna make change happen. People who want to be part of us. Because CrossFit is not for everyone, we get it.

Second of all, our focus is on ONE community, building strong “members”, one class at a time.

Third of all, we do CrossFit for LIFE, not for competitions. So you have more energy when you go hiking in the mountains. So you get rid of that annoying back pain at the office. So you feel less lonely, although you may never admit it. 

The closest WE get to a competition is The OPEN. One workout per week. Five weeks. This is the only time per year that we encourage YOU to compete. Even if you are not the competitive type.

Let’s be brutally honest here- we haven’t met anyone at any box around the world who’s not at least little bit anxious (not to say afraid) of the Open. Everybody has his/ her weaknesses. Everybody has little bit of an ego (or lots of it !). Nobody likes to be last. And nobody EVER - EVER feels prepared for it. Really.

But we KNOW that the OPEN will be an unforgettable EXPERIENCE for YOU.
We know that: 

First of all, you’ll be BRAVE enough for just signing up and showing up.

Second of all, you’ll become a lot STRONGER within our community. Or because of it. You’ll see :)

Third of all- like it or not, competition IS part of life. What better time to train for it?
The OPEN is part of how we do things at our box and we INVITE you to be part of it. 

We don’t wanna be everything to everybody.
We want to be something to somebody. Be that somebody for us.