Bring a Friend and ...
  • What's in the goodie bag?
    1. Acai Blueberry Protein Goodness from our member Liviu's website 100 % vegan.100 tasty!  
    2. A bucket of Organic Peanut Butter. 100 % crunchy. 100 % delicious.  
    3. Our Happy Foam Roller to take home and use often. 100 % cool! 
    All worth more than 300 Ron!

  • Rules for The Draw:  Bring a friend and when she/he signs up for any of our memberships (4 Session, 8 Session or Unlimited) you get into 'The Draw'. Coach Geo will select a name out of a bowl, as always. The more friends, the more chances to win. 

  • NEW Body Fit class will occur every Tues/ Thu at 10am. Functional Training, High Intensity without the big weights, Yep! Now there's no excuse not to train at Replay.  Our Bring a Friend Campaign includes Body Fit peeps, too! 

  • We have a culture of accountability in our Box. What does that mean? There is one obvious perk that the CrossFit community has over any Globo gym: your accountability partners. Some peeps come to CrossFit with their spouse or friends. Others come alone from curiosity or a recommendation. After a few classes, they realize they are surrounded by people who want them to be there: their Coaches, the "Regulars" in their class time slot, even that drop in visitor who admires their dedication to hard work .Take advantage of these people. They are your Community and – they will make you better.  

You are "cultivating accountability" by bringing a friend. :)

See you at the Box! 

Luminita & Joe 
We are a family business with a purpose: to create a stronger and kinder community. We serve brave souls who wanna make change happen.