***sensitive content. read at your own risk***

CrossFit is NOT for Everyone.   Yes, you read it right.
This is not a typo…we have been saying it the other way until now..

We have been in the CrossFit "business'' in Romania since 2013 and we have seen people come & go.  In the beginning, we tried to please everyone. We tried SO hard. Most of the time we lost track on what we were trying to do and we lost track of our core values.  And it's true: when you try to please everyone, you please no one.  In all these years we have learned that CrossFit is NOT for everyone.
CrossFit is NOT for those to like to complain ALL THE TIME.   

CrossFit is NOT for those who cheat. (beating Rich Froning's times in the process)

CrossFit is NOT for those who like it easy.

CrossFit is NOT for those who are too afraid, even of something they have never tried with us.

CrossFit is NOT for those who Make Excuses ALL THE TIME.
                               And Most importantly:
CrossFit is NOT for lazy people.
Our workouts require effort. Like all great things in life.
It takes COURAGE to walk through our doors.
It takes COMMITMENT to show up for training when you are tired or sore.
It takes GRIT to not give up when things get tough.
It takes HONESTY to be who you really are with all your flaws & weaknesses.

If you are  honest with yourself and admit that CrossFit is NOT for you, that's okay.
It takes a special type of individual to get on the Replay CrossFit Train. 
We may not see our final destination, but we are definitely badass brave to stay on the journey.


So, here's the HARD TRUTH about CrossFit:

CrossFit is NOT too hard, Just hard enough.

CrossFit is NOT Dangerous. Ego IS dangerous. 

CrossFit is NOT for Everyone. Just for those BRAVE enough to show up. Again and Again. 

That's it. 

See you at the BOX!