Free WOD for ALL

So, IF: 

  • you already have an unlimited membership, we will add one day validity to it! 
  • you have an 8 / 4 membership - come train for free, this class is on us!
  • you have taken a break from us ( oh, no, why?), just like summer, it’s time to end it, and what better opportunity to get back to training than this?
  • you have a friend who have always wanted to check us out, bring him along for this partner WOD, as starting September - the Free Trial will have restrictions. (Details later).
  • you have a friend who has never done CrossFit, this is the last chance, as in the near future, the fundamental course will be mandatory in order to ensure flow and unity during our regular classes.

We are looking forward to celebrate YOU and END OF SUMMER together! 

PS: Deadline to REGISTER ( mandatory) is Tuesday, 27 August. Limited spots in Da House too. 

Lu & Joe