Giving thanks
  • Last weekend, we also celebrated Coach Geo and Member Mihaela tying the knot. What a surprise to see Geo doing push-ups, kettlebell swings and double unders on the dance floor in order to win back the “Stolen Bride.” We bear one question: why no burpees?
  • Thanksgiving is round the corner. It’s the perfect time to give thanks for our safe training at the Box; to pray for the health of our own families and the kindness that binds us together. To be grateful for the abundance we all enjoy in our daily lives. As always, we’ll host a Thanksgiving Charity WOD on Saturday, 30th November at 10am. Registration OPEN, please sign up. All levels welcome. 

  • This year, we support "Touched Romania" which provides an alternative to child abandonment and a better future for marginalized mothers and their children. The women receive counseling, learn life skills, become stronger. The goal is for them to reintegrate back into society and lead independent lives. Our Replay member Danielle Dahlstrom is deeply involved in the process and says: “We believe every child deserves a family and this agency works everyday to ensure this is a reality!”  We couldn’t agree more. We ask each of you to come train and donate RON 20, or what you can afford, to advance this worthy cause. For more details:

See you at the Box! 

Luminita & Joe
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