I've lost 35 to 36 kg and I've never felt better!

It feels like it's a long process to learn everything here, but with commitment and perseverance you can do amazing work. The great group of people that I've met here so far made me want to share my weight loss story from the past years, not for bragging purposes, but as advice that if you make one decision at the right moment it can be life changing - it worked for me :).

I've been struggling with weight problems ever since I learned how to read and over the years I was adding weight just as fast as it takes to eat a slice of cake. When I started my first job at 18 (a desk job) the situation was getting even worse due to no exercise and bad eating habits. At age of 22 my weight reached the lucky number 13 (+100 kg :D) and I was even tired after getting up to my apartment which is on 4th floor.

Between 23 and 29 (current age) I started the weight loss process and I will not lie and say that it wasn't a bumpy road. You can lose weight really fast if you do cardio and eat healthy, but you have to do it gradually and combine cardio with physical strength exercises, as well, for your body to not show big signs that you used to be overweight.

My biggest regret is that I started this process many times and gave up after 1-2 months just because I was expecting to see the best results in a short period of time which is not possible - patience is key. Results should be visible week after week, but you just have to continue training and make it a habit that you can't live without. The past year has been the best so far - I've managed to drop around 23 kg starting from Jan 18 and a big extra impact than just training was what I was eating:  from a guy who used to consume sugar after every single meal – I've reduced it almost completely.

There's definitely no way to lose any weight if you don't combine these 2 elements - training and eating healthy. Altogether in these 6-7 years I've lost 35 to 36 kg and I've never felt better than right now!

So, my advice would be to believe that anything it's possible, don't feel down because others next to you are doing much better training - you can get there, but it requires a lot of patience and strong motivation. And one extra piece of advice - watch out for the social pressure - if someone tells you to eat some cake as an exception, don't do it, because the next day someone else will come with the same comment about other food and so on. It's much easier to not try it at all, because you don't know what it tastes like. If you do try it, it will be difficult to not finish the whole slice :)

P.S.  Since seeing is believing I've also included some before and after photos.

Have a Great Day, Everyone!

All the Best, Andrei D. "