Join our 4th Annual Murph Challenge!

The Workout is: 

 For time:
 1.6 km Run
 100 Pull-ups
 200 Push-ups
 300 Squats
 1.6 km Run

We partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as 20 rounds of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 Air Squats.We start and finish with a run.

DON’T BE DISCOURAGED, if you can’t do the entire workout, not many can. 

Three (3) “Murph” Challenge Options are available for everyone.

OPTION 1: Rx Murph as seen above. 
OPTION 2: 1/2 Half Murph, where we cut the reps and distance in half. 
OPTION 3: Team Murph with two or more partners where you split the work. 

Not able to run? No problem- we will do a brisk walk instead. 
No pull ups? No problem- we will do jumping pull ups from a box or ring rows. 
No push ups? No problem- we will perform them on a box or on the wall.
No deep squats? No problem- we will allow a high squat limit on a box or a stack of plates.

The idea is to challenge yourself, do a little more and go a little faster each year.

WHY we do it?
To honor  LT. Murphy - this was his favorite WOD.
To honor our Box and the way we do things here. 
To honor WHO YOU ARE in the face of a challenge.  This is more than just a workout.

It’s about Courage. It's about Showing Up. It's about supporting the CrossFit COMMUNITY. 

If you are not a regular member at Replay CrossFit, you are still welcome to join us as a drop-in. Registration is mandatory, please SIGN UP through our website 

See you on Saturday, 25 May at 10:00am or 11.30am!

With kindness, 
Luminita & Joe V.