Five Weeks.

Five Workouts.

37 Replay Heroes registered.

COUNTLESS Lessons Learnt.

We learned that the CrossFit OPEN is a well-rounded Mental & Physical Test. 

It reinforced the ten recognized general physical skills like speed, endurance, coordination and so on.


We learned that the barbell must be earned. The second workout 18.2 was brilliantly designed: you had to do a bunch of burpees before you reached the clean. If you spent the previous year just hugging that barbell and you didn't get there, that means you have a strength bias and you need to devote more time to CONDITIONING.


We learned we have other weaknesses, too. Maybe we didn't work enough on Double Unders, Handstand Push Ups and Pull Ups. Take note and PRACTICE more. These exercises appear in every OPEN, so we are guaranteed to see them again next year!


We learned that Ego is a powerful, but toxic thing. Maybe we all need to practice more HUMILITY.  Or maybe you were too hard on yourself and you need to be KINDER to your person.


We learned that sometimes LIFE gets in the way of the OPEN. Two of our members got sick and missed workouts. That's okay. They'll get them next year.


We learned that we were afraid and we did it anyway. Rx or Scaled. It didn't matter. What counted was giving our best effort. So, not only did we survive the OPEN, we learned a lot about ourselves and our sport of CrossFit. 

Let's get ready for next year. See you at the Box!