Mid-Year Review and Revamp
So...as we are in mid 2019, NOW is the best time to revisit any resolutions or goals you made. 

How are you spending your most priceless commodities of TIME and ENERGY
Are your daily to-do lists consistent with your VISION of your future self? 
"How we spend our day is, of course, how we spend our lives" - Annie Dillard.

Maybe your goal to train three times a week did not happen (Yet :)
Maybe your goal to lose 5 kgs did not happen (Yet:)
Maybe your goal to break your deadlift personal record did not happen. (We doubt it :)

Since we are all about being PROACTIVE in our lives, let's look an an easy step-by-step guide to GET YOU BACK ON TRACK:

1. WHAT do you want to change? What is your fitness goal? Focus on one thing only.

2. WHY? What is the WHY behind your goal? Write down 3-10 reasons why you want to achieve that particular goal.

3. Make a decision on WHEN you will start (re-start) training. Check out our classes online and..
SIGN UP for one of them!

4. Are there any obstacles or challenges to achieve YOUR GOAL? Do colleagues want to take you out for drinks instead of training? Hmmm....We'll refrain from giving you ideas to eliminate those obstacles...they could be quite brutal, so you need to come up with your own!

5. SHOW UP for your class. Make a COMMITMENT.
 Even a little one. 
I mean, what better time to train than during these long, warm summer days?! Really.

Guess there's nothing left to say but ...SEE YOU AT THE BOX! 

With kindness, 
Luminita & Joe