New Month. New GOALS.

New Month. New GOALS. Come write them on our blackboard.

Goal (noun). 1 A specifically DESIRED END STATE, expressed in the POSITIVE tense, which provides MOTIVATION and DIRECTION on the path to ACHIVEMENT.
New definition by Greg Amundson that directly applies to CrossFit (and LIFE!)

The goal must be CONCISE and SPECIFIC.
"I want to complete 30 unbroken push ups and beat Martin on the leaderboard" innocent

The goal must be expressed in the POSITIVE tense. "I want to safely perform a ring muscle up" vs "I don't want to fall of the rings" 

The goal must include a TIME FRAME that is challenging yet REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE. "I want to train CrossFit three times per week starting right now."

What are your goals? Think about it. Write them down. Them let's make it happen at Replay TOGETHER. 

See you at the Box!