Okay, so you stopped training. Life got in the way. What Now?

Life got in the way?
You don't need a New Year to get back on track, all you need is a New Day. Come Train.

You ate too much on Easter Holiday, 1st of May, last weekend?
No worries. Hop on the rower or the bike. Work off those calories. Come Train.

Got a New Girlfriend?
Good for you! Bring her along. Come Train.

You changed jobs?
Congratulations! Choose from our many classes or personal training. Come Train.

Traffic is horrible?
Old news. Like the weather, it goes into the box with things we can't control. Ride that Metro, Tram or Bike to the Box. Come Train.

Too hard? We'll make it easier. Too easy? We'll make it harder. Lost your mojo? Bring it back. No time? Make time. No excuses.  

Remember WHY you started in the first place. 
Just come train.

See you at the Box!
Luminita & Joe V.

PS: Joe and I would like to THANK EVERYONE who attended our 4th Annual "Murph Challenge".
Best one yet. It went SO good that we are thinking of scheduling it one more time this year. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates.