Hey, Replay Heroes,

We'll be short & sweet, so check out our 5- Bullet points for a great, positive experience tomorrow at the Box:

1. Be Early 
We'll do a 10 min warm up together, but that may not be enough for some of you.
Please come earlier and warm up with your own routine. We have a lot of members signed up, so be prepared to share the foam rollers, mobility bands, floor space, etc.

2. Wear Sunscreen
Bring a hat, drink water before hand and stay hydrated.
We expect a hot, sunny, humid day. Be prepared.

2. Don't Start Too Fast 
Don't give it all up on the run. Be careful not to “Red-Line.”
You’ll have no gas left in the tank for the rest of the workout.

3. Pace Yourself 
Murph is a longer workout than our regular WODS.
It has a lot of volume and the idea is to keep moving. 
Stick to your own speed. Stay with your own game plan. 
We advise 20 rounds of 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats.
This strategy helps prevent muscle failure and your arms get a rest while you squat.

4. Scale Properly.
Be honest with yourself: If the full Murph workout scares the hell out of you and the thought of doing it just paralizes you, choose the “Half-a Murph” option. You do not want to be DNF. (Did not Finish). Focus on doing one rep at a time. You know you can complete this challenge one rep at a time.
If you don't do pull-ups yet, don't struggle on the bar forever waiting for a miracle to happen. Do jumping pull-ups instead. Be smart about it.

You'll have a chance to work on your weak events throughout the year and you can do pull-ups at the next Murph.

5. Recover Afterwards.  Knock down some good nutrition and get some rest this weekend.

We'll end this post by reminding you: "You are not your Murph Time,”  so:

Be proud for SHOWING UP. Be Proud of GIVING YOUR BEST. That's all that matters.