People embrace CrossFit for various reasons: weight-loss, becoming stronger, health-challenges and so on.  

For more than a decade, CrossFit delivered. Faster, better results than other training modalities out there. The evidence is crystal clear.


When it comes to Fitness, CrossFit points at the 10 General Physical Preparedness (GPP) skills meaning: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina,  strength,  flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.


Many words to remember. So, let’s remember only one: HEALTH.

We all want to be HEALTHY. For ourselves, for our families, for our children.

And this is what we aim at with our programming for your daily workouts.


This is why we don’t do what most affiliates do: they have a “strength lift” (for example 5 sets of 5 reps of heavy deadlifts) every day before the WOD (workout of the day).  

This looks and feels really good. We used to do it too.


The flawed logic is “Our members are not strong enough to do the workouts as prescribed, so we need to get them stronger, but they won’t get stronger by doing the workout scaled.” Therefore, we need a strength-biased approach to get them there – right?


Absolutely wrong. Our goal is NOT to get our regular Replay members to do deadlifts with 226 kgs.

And if you train properly at CrossFit, you shouldn’t lift such a heavy load, because you will get injured…eventually.

Despite general misconception: CrossFit is NOT a weightlifting club.  Some people will disagree with us, but we assure you, it’s not.


With our general workouts, we don't prepare our regular members for a competition like the CrossFit Games.

Our goal is to get a great workout every day. Get it done and move on to another great workout tomorrow.

Without any injuries - without any injuries - without any injuries.

Because the end-state we want to achieve, for the normal person who does CrossFit, is to be 80 years old with full mobility and strength to live a healthy, independent life.

In other words LONGEVITY.




Of course, it’s hard to imagine this when you’re only 28 years old. You just want to be big and strong and fast.

But, the truth is we all want to live longer, healthier, productive lives.

So, we don’t want to overload our athletes.  Because less is more.


For CrossFit Regional Competitors it’s very different:  you should have 14 unbroken muscle-ups for Guys and 9 for Girls.

For strength: you should have a 111Kg Snatch & a 136Kg Clean & Jerk for a Guy.

You must have this strength, as well as a 2:29 time for Fran ("Fran" : 21-15- and 9 reps of 95-pound Thruster and Pull-ups for time). That’s the level of fitness most Regional Competitors have.


But our regular members don’t want to go to the CrossFit Games. At least, not to our knowledge :)

So, what you should be pursuing is good conditioning. It has the most biomarkers for good health compared to strength work (lower body-fat, lean muscle, low blood pressure, etc.). It will help you live longer. Good physical conditioning will get you securely to 80 years of age…a 408Kg back squat will not.

Strength is important and we love the Barbell. It speaks the truth. Easy to see if you’re getting stronger. Iron doesn’t lie.  So, we do incorporate barbell exercises, but not everyday.


We are looking at fitness that is transferable to the outside world.

Our regular members will be fit 10 years from now whether they are 28 or 58 years old.

They will be fit for LIFE.


Now you know. This is what we train for.

Ps: This post has been inspired by a podcast with Ben Bergeron (   ) that we invite everybody to watch.