Somebody is watching you...

We constantly assess the way you move. We constantly think of ways to improve. We ask yourself: how can you become #stronger? Physically and mentally?

  1. We can all agree that technique is essential in CrossFit regardless if it's a simple air squat or snatch. Proper execution requires significant mobility and considerable motor control. That is why next week, we'll devote a dash more time for mobility drills. On Monday, Tuesday and Friday - get ready to flex, stretch and rotate one degree more.

  2. We were so inspired by your push on 20.1 that we can't wait for take 2 this Saturday! The OPEN WODs are all about exercising the mental muscle. Really. This is the time to show up. Regardless if wall balls, toes to bar, double unders show up too. If we only did the things we like in life, we would never learn. The only thing you can do is focus is one rep at a time. Then add an extra rep. And another. This is how you strengthen your mental muscle. 

  3.  Your boss schedules a meeting at 1730. The traffic jam makes it impossible to reach the 1830 class. No lunch, no snack, blood glucose down, it's a wonder you can walk down the street! We hear you. They say: win the morning, win the day. Set up an alarm clock. Say no to the snooze button. Grab a cup of tea, coffee or a banana. Make up your bed and join our 7am class. The Boss won't be at the office that early. There is no traffic at that time. You'll have more energy throughout the day. Better focus. The morning is yours. Take it.

See you at the Box!  
Joe & Luminita 

"We are a family business with a purpose: to create a stronger and kinder community.
We serve brave souls who wanna make change happen."