"How I gave myself the best present one year ago on Children's Day:

I used to consider myself a non-athletic person. When I was in school I skipped sport classes because I hated them. I completely avoided sports after graduation.
This is the longest relationship I’ve had with a sport or a gym. And I am so happy I did it!

Because I am sure that CrossFit is the best thing one can do for a better health and stronger body (at least in a city). I am grateful that due to the great Coaches and awesome community at Replay CrossFit, I am the healthiest, strongest and feel the youngest I've ever been in my life. And I am 30 years old!

To be honest, I did not start with these objectives in mind. People rarely work today for future improvements and I am no exception.  But, in addition to the long-term benefits, CrossFit gives me instant rewards, too. 

When I am in the gym and I listen to the Coach teaching me something new, I feel like a child: curious, trying to understand, attempting to learn.

When I train I forget I have a job, tasks, chores, other roles in society. For one, long moment, I am the sole inhabitant of my body and my mind and there is nothing more important than being my best self, physically and mentally.

When I finish training I feel like I did the best thing that I could do with my time.

When I see my small improvements, I acknowledge that every drop of sweat mattered and that I am constantly evolving.

Actually, this is a GREAT lesson:  if you want something, persist and it will happen.  Every time some situation challenges me, I remember how my perception of that test changes me, once I overcome it. Even when I am not at the Replay Box, when I am in the wider world, I know more about myself – that I am better and stronger than I was before.

I can keep talking about how CrossFit changed my life and makes me happy everyday, but what is happiness if it's not shared? At Replay, we share it with a great community of friends, we are kind to each other, we are interested in each other's progress and we constantly encourage and support everyone. My favorite person from this Replay community is Victor. He begged me to join him in CrossFit and dragged me here one year ago and I get to share our sweat, struggles and victories every day.

I can never thank you enough Victor, Luminita, Elena, Joe, Geo, Paul and Sebi for changing my life in such a positive way! "