"Marketing". What a "dirty" word. ⠀
But we are surrounded by it, everywhere we look. ⠀

Everybody is selling something: a product, a service, an image, a story.⠀
And mass marketing aggressively comes at us with discount vouchers, loyalty points, free gifts to lure us into buying. SPECIALLY this time of year.⠀

We have received so many emails over the holidays ... most of all with a tremendous sense of urgency.
"Something NEW & Exciting available. Join us NOW for 10 % discount!"
"Claim our 20 Ron GIFT VOUCHER. (when you spend over X amount Ron till...).
"Up to 50 % discount on selected items!"
" Final day. Last chance."  .....Hmmm...is somebody dying?!

Does any of this sound familiar to you? We bet it does.
They are wonderful "manipulations" because they are successful. On short term. 

We particularly cringe when we read the unrealistic claims some companies make, feeding on your insecurities: " incredible weight loss over the shortest period of time, done with no effort whatsoever. " Anything you want - including the perfect body -is one purchase away.

So now- you may be thinking- what are WE selling? ⠀
On a poetic note, this is what we sell: bottles full of ENERGY, a few sets of SKILLS, STRENGTH by the kilos, a dash of FUN and definitely a few good nights of SLEEP.⠀

In a down-to-earth kinda way, we- Replay CrossFit - are in the business of selling the best kind of exercise there is out there, done in the middle of a great community with the the most outstanding rewards you can ever imagine. 

No magic pills for weight loss.
No deadlines to get on board.
No shortcuts to greatness.
No easy way. Really.

What's the catch?