They all use and endorse THE BEST Knee Sleeves in the world!

With 60 years of know-how, one foot in medical science and one foot on the sports field, REHBAND allows any athlete -from competitive CrossFit Games Heroes to fitness enthusiasts like ourselves- to MOVE BETTER - GET STRONGER TRAIN HARDER.

Whether you have knee pain, are recovering from an injury or want to prevent one – Rehband Knee Sleeves provide joint compression and warmth to promote better blood flow and reduce the direct strain on your knees during squats, Olympic lifts, box jumps, etc. 

And now- the Rehband brand is available at Replay!!! Yay!
And we are offering them to our Community  FIRST – before the Open– and while stocks last. 

Our Special Price of RON 130 per (1) piece provides a better value than ordering anywhere else. Purchase available ONLY at our Reception. 
Happy Shopping! :)

Good to know:
To properly measure for your size: bend your knee slightly at 30 degrees and measure the circumference (cm) around your leg – 10 cm below the patella (knee cap).
S: 33cm - 35cm
M: 35cm - 37cm
L: 37cm -39cm
Please measure and size carefully. 

Sold INDIVIDUALLY, the 5mm thick SBR/Neoprene flex-material come in the colors of BLACK, BURGUNDY or OLIVE GREEN.

See you at the Box!

With kindness,
Luminita & Joe V.