Dear Replay Athletes and Friends, 
You may be unaware that we offer Personal Training, in addition to CrossFit and OLY Weightlifting classes, but we do.

We could list all the benefits of “One–on–One” personal training such as flexible timing, faster results, accelerated fat loss and so on and so forth. We could create a list of all the Certifications and Honorable Mentions about our Outstanding Trainers. And we could throw out words like "personalized, tailored, specific, customized" sessions.

But, we won't.

Instead, we'll share with you what our athlete Mihaela had to say…

“I’ve been training with Replay Coach Geo for almost four months now, he is very committed, he makes each of my training sessions challenging, but rewarding and he knows how to motivate me.
I started CrossFit in October 2017, training in the JumpStart beginners’ class. I really enjoyed the care and dedication Geo put into the sessions, so end of January I decided to take on personal One-on-One sessions as well. To work on my upper body strength (pull ups, hand stand push-ups, toes to bar etc.).

Guess what? Last week I managed to do my first strict pull up!! And I can do toes to bar in a WOD now!  And I do handstand pushups (although I haven’t fully mastered them yet, I am getting better at them :)
Geo makes every session as fun as possible and he tries to alternate the exercises to keep me engaged. This is a task I don’t find very easy, because I like to whine and complain a lot and ask for reasons to do certain exercises.

I’ve seen improvements in my ability to lift heavier weights correctly & I generally push myself harder throughout each session. 
Oh, and very important, he ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid me breaking a hand, a leg, my neck or even worse… death by barbell. 
This is something I often tell him is going to kill me.    :)
I look forward to my workouts and I look forward to seeing what next week will bring, what skill will I conquer next!

So all in all, as amazing as I am (or I think I am :) I kind of owe at least 90% of that to Geo...because “ If at first you don’t succeed … try doing what your trainer told you the first time!”

Thanks for reading,
Mihaela -  a Replay CrossFit Athlete" 

PS: for more details on PERSONAL TRAINING packages, please send us an email at