The transtheoretical model easily assesses an individual's readiness to act on a new healthier behavior.


Here are our CrossFit 5 "STAGES OF CHANGE " for you:

1. PRECONTEMPLATION ("not ready") – "People who want to get fitter, slimmer or healthier in the foreseeable future and do nothing about it."

2. CONTEMPLATION ("getting ready") – "People who are considering joining us and start to look at our schedule, fees, testimonials."

3. PREPARATION ("ready") – "People who decide to come for a free trial and sign up on on our website for their 1st class."

3. ACTION – "People who show up at Replay CrossFit, positive & ready to become stronger with us.

4. MAINTANENCE – "People who have been training with us for at least six months no matter how tired, sore or busy they are."

5. TERMINATION – "Replay CrossFit members who have zero temptation and for sure they will not return to their old unhealthy habits. Loyal CrossFit members who are part of our #STRONGER & #KINDER Community.

Which stage are YOU in?

Take the CHANGE CHALLENGE.    See you at the Box!