The CrossFit Open season is about to start. 

For many of us, it is a stressful month filled with anxiety about “The Announcement of the Workout,” our strategies, our multiple attempts to improve our score and even some sleepless nights in anticipation. Not to mention the unease of being judged by others who we feel may think less of us, afterwards.

In reality, the Open is just a fun, good way to test ourselves at five workouts to see how we stack up with the rest of the world. Or to test against your score last year, to see how far you have come. Especially, since so much time and dedication has been devoted to your attempt to “be the best that you can be.”

I want to say to everyone reading this who may find themselves depressed, down, angry or stressed out because of the OPEN – that doing that produces the opposite results of what you really want.

Remember why you started CrossFit. It was to have fun, get healthy and stay motivated by the group dynamics and constant accountability.

Remember that you are probably not going to become a professional CrossFit athlete and you will most likely not retire from CrossFit due to winning events, with huge protein sponsorship money, great book deals or worldwide speaking engagements. You will likely keep your “day job” to buy groceries, pay bills, save for the future, get married, have kids and (hopefully) to stay disease and injury free.

You may see on your  leaderboard that you are not really that good at CrossFit, but you must realize something important, if you want to make comparisons:  There are 7.6 BILLION people in the world and only about 500,000 of them signed up for the CrossFit Open. You are probably already in the top .005 percent of healthy/fit people in this world!

I understand that competition breeds emotions and can bring out the Warrior in all of us. That's okay, but, remember that once you compare your workout results with who you are as a person, you are missing the point. You will have things to work on and get better at within CrossFit, but do not ignore that you are an amazing human being.

CrossFit is a tool you can use to become healthier. Enjoy it. Get good at it. Have fun with it. But don’t forget there is a great big world outside of the Open.

So, don’t forget to call your parents, walk the dog, keep in touch with your friends (even those who don’t do CrossFit) & stay motivated at work (they are paying you while you’re on that Leaderboard all month). Do the absolute best you can and don’t worry too much about how or what other people do, think or say.

I know it’s easier said than done, but I want to share this with you anyway . You have to smile and enjoy being fully human. Not just CrossFit human. You are so much more than your score on the leaderboard and the whiteboard. These are just metrics to measure your fitness, not to define you as a human being.

At Replay CrossFit, me and Luminita want to breed a caring culture mentality within our community. During the OPEN season, let's support each other. Let's not judge, blame or shame others. Let's "rise by lifting others." 

The Open is a great way to challenge your limits, but remember:

  1. Two thumbs up for signing up, to start with!
  2. You are Not your Open score and you are not less, if others score higher than you. 
  3. Your Open score does not define you as a person, as a human being.
  4. Don’t let the opinions of others about your ability destroy your self-esteem or your love of CrossFit.
  5. You are a lifelong athlete now and only you can determine what CrossFit means to you. No one else.
  6. Don’t lose heart.
  7. And... enjoy yourself!