Curious, Thirsty and Agile Ileana!

Curious, Thirsty and Agile Ileana!

The OPEN is over but we’re still thinking about it ... 
This was Ileana’s 1st OPEN ( and not the last, we’re sure! )

Here's her feedback: 

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How to cure excusitis

How to cure excusitis

As CrossFit is on a crusade against chronic disease, we are battling “excusitis”, a less dangerous, but equally prevalent type of disease. 

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Be that somebody

You know - when we started our CrossFit journey in Romania - way back in 2013 - we envisioned things differently. 


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What do Rich Froning, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Josh Bridges have in common?!


Hello Replay Athletes & Friends,

What do Rich Froning, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Josh Bridges have in common?
Apart from lifting heavy barbells and making CrossFit look easy?!

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Let's all be #INTHEOPEN!



Hello Replay Athletes & Friends,

It's that time of the year again: the OPEN.
One month countdown!

  • What is The CrossFit Open? The Open is the largest CrossFit community event of the year. It starts on 21st Feb and it lasts for 5 weeks: One WOD per week. 
  • CrossFit will release one workout before the weekend (Rx and Scaled for Beginners) and you have 4 days to submit your score online. We will ALL do the OPEN WODS on Friday evenings and Saturdays at Replay, so why not register anyway? 
  • Note: Even if on travel, you can still do the Open workout at a nearby box.
  • How to Register for The Open? To sign up, access, select Replay CrossFit as your Affiliate and pay the fee (20 USD). This is more than just workouts, in the end you will have learned something about yourself that it's worth every penny. This is more than just workouts, it's experience and memories within our awesome community.


  • Who can participate in The Open? Anyone who does CrossFit, meaning YOU.
  • Please note, this competition is NOT for the elite athletes of the world only. It is for anyone who's BRAVE enough to accept the challenge. 

We encourage all of you to register and do your best not only in the Open workouts, but in every workout you do. 

See you at the Box!

With Kindness, 
Luminita & Joe 


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Have you heard the story of the Old Man & the Boy?


Hello Replay Athletes & Friends,

Instead of PR's, Clinics and Community events, today we're sharing a great story with you:

"A wealthy man requested an old scholar to wean his son away from his bad habits.  The scholar took the youth for a stroll through a garden. Stopping suddenly he asked the boy to pull out a tiny plant growing there.

The youth held the plant between his thumb and forefinger and pulled it out. The old man then asked him to pull out a slightly bigger plant. The youth pulled hard and the plant came out, roots and all. “Now pull out that one,” said the old man pointing to a bush. The boy had to use all his strength to pull it out.

“Now take this one out,” said the old man, indicating a guava tree. The youth grasped the trunk and tried to pull it out. But it would not budge. “It’s impossible,” said the boy, panting with the effort.

“So it is with bad habits,” said the sage. “When they are young it is easy to pull them out but when they take hold they cannot be uprooted.” The session with the old man changed the boy’s life.

Establish GOOD TRAINING HABITS with us.
Train, regardless of big snowflakes, horrible bosses or inertia.
See you at the Box!

With Kindness, 
Luminita & Joe

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Back to School- Replay CrossFit School!

Hello, Hello, Hello!

We're inviting to go back to school: CrossFit school! Yay!
Let's be honest: have you ever sneaked a peak at CrossFit online and your jaw dropped in awe? Or fear? Or both? You're not the only one.
(Just so you know -even for us- CrossFit can still be VERY intimidating, but shhh, please don't tell anybody embarassed)

That's why, starting with Tuesday, 8th of January, we're starting The Replay CrossFit School.

You'll have the chance to learn - in just 10 to 12 JumpStart classes - all thefundamental movements from CrossFit, along with adjustments for each one. For example: if unable to do pull ups (yet), you'll perform jumping pull ups or ring rows. We promise. And if you're already a member with us, what a wonderful occasion to work on your weaknesses or perfect your skills and learn progressions to prevent injuries while you get stronger.

Have no fear, join us for JumpStart- our CrossFit School classes for Beginners! Registration details on our website page under Essential.

By the way, in order for the the coach to assess, correct, educate and motivate each one of you, we host only 8-10 members per class. First signed up, first served.

Plus,we have more good news: we don’t charge extra, the education is included in the price of a regular monthly membership, so ...see you at the Box!

PS: please share this with a friend who'd like to start CrossFit with us! If there was EVER a time to start CrossFit PROPERLY, this is IT.

With Kindness,
Luminita & Joe 



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What are WE selling?

"Marketing". What a "dirty" word. ⠀
But we are surrounded by it, everywhere we look. ⠀

Everybody is selling something: a product, a service, an image, a story.⠀
And mass marketing aggressively comes at us with discount vouchers, loyalty points, free gifts to lure us into buying. SPECIALLY this time of year.⠀

We have received so many emails over the holidays ... most of all with a tremendous sense of urgency.
"Something NEW & Exciting available. Join us NOW for 10 % discount!"
"Claim our 20 Ron GIFT VOUCHER. (when you spend over X amount Ron till...).
"Up to 50 % discount on selected items!"
" Final day. Last chance." somebody dying?!

Does any of this sound familiar to you? We bet it does.
They are wonderful "manipulations" because they are successful. On short term. 

We particularly cringe when we read the unrealistic claims some companies make, feeding on your insecurities: " incredible weight loss over the shortest period of time, done with no effort whatsoever. " Anything you want - including the perfect body -is one purchase away.

So now- you may be thinking- what are WE selling? ⠀
On a poetic note, this is what we sell: bottles full of ENERGY, a few sets of SKILLS, STRENGTH by the kilos, a dash of FUN and definitely a few good nights of SLEEP.⠀

In a down-to-earth kinda way,  we - Replay CrossFit - are in the business of selling the best kind of exercise there is out there, done in the middle of a great community with the the most outstanding rewards you can ever imagine. 

No magic pills for weight loss.
No deadlines to get on board.
No shortcuts to greatness.
No easy way. Really.

What's the catch?


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In Celebration


In the blink of an eye, Replay CrossFit is turning three years old. Joe and I were reminiscing about our modest beginnings, and the hard work we have put in, during more than six years since introducing CrossFit to Romania. 
We started our journey in a park with just a handful of interested people and we eventually built not just one, but two CrossFit boxes in the city. One at a time. We did this, literally, “from the ground up”.

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Change Your Life in 24 Hours

Every day, CrossFit cures chronic disease, reverses obesity and saves lives. Spend 24 hours and see what changes CrossFit can make in your life.

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Oana L.

When I was in school I skipped sport classes because I hated them. I completely avoided all sports. This is the longest relationship I’ve had with a gym! Today, people rarely work toward future improvements and I am no exception. But, in addition to the long-term benefits, Replay gives me instant rewards, too. Everybody wants the long-term benefits of CrossFit, but that is not what keeps me coming to the Box almost every day. What keeps me committed is the way I feel every time I come to Replay CrossFit. When I am in the Box and I listen to the Coach teaching me something new, I feel like a child: curious, trying to understand, attempting to learn. When I train I forget I have a job, tasks, chores, other roles in society. For one long moment, I am the sole inhabitant of my body and my mind and there is nothing more important than being my best self, physically and mentally. And when I finish training I feel like I did the best thing I could ever do with my time. When I see my small improvements, I acknowledge that every drop of sweat mattered and that I am constantly evolving for the best. And this is the GREAT lesson: If you want something, you must persist and it will happen for you.

Oana L. Robotics Marketing Executive
Andrei S.

For several years, I've been collecting gym subscriptions and not using them due to the boring "flatness" of the exercises. At Replay CrossFit I have found a new dynamic approach to my workouts - it's all about biomechanics and endurance of every dimension of your body. It was challenging in the beginning, but once you get to know the technique, there's nothing stopping you... only yourself! The classes that I've taken boosted my energy, accelerated my weight loss and muscle buildup in a sustainable and fun way. The community is awesome and always very supportive.

Andrei S. Productivity Leader in Procurement
Gabriela V.

I recently went to Replay Cross Fit and as a former tennis player, I found it to be a much better than going to a regular gym. I love how challenging it is and how it keeps me motivated to become better with every workout. My favorite exercise is wall balls and my least favorite has to be burpees. Hands down! My goals are to improve my upper body strength, become stronger overall and just have a healthy lifestyle. This brings me to another great thing I love about Replay CrossFit --- I love being part of an awesome and supporting community that shares the same goals.

Gabriela V. Make up artist