Fear of CrossFit?

Fear of CrossFit?

We need to conquer our fear to be successful in CrossFit. We need to make a personal commitment to make this happen.  
For people who have never tried CrossFit, one google search can be traumatizing.  One ends up believing CrossFit is something worthy only of Hercules of the world.
But everyone feels fear at some point in CrossFit. Even the most experienced athlete fears heavy weights or Hero WODs.

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5 Great Reasons WHY we warm up the way WE do

5 Great Reasons WHY we warm up the way WE do

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Let’s take a few minutes to address a very important subject: the value of warming up properly before exercise. We know you want to do more than you are capable of during the WOD (Workout Of the Day), so here they are

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Oana L.

When I was in school I skipped sport classes because I hated them. I completely avoided all sports. This is the longest relationship I’ve had with a gym! Today, people rarely work toward future improvements and I am no exception. But, in addition to the long-term benefits, Replay gives me instant rewards, too. Everybody wants the long-term benefits of CrossFit, but that is not what keeps me coming to the Box almost every day. What keeps me committed is the way I feel every time I come to Replay CrossFit. When I am in the Box and I listen to the Coach teaching me something new, I feel like a child: curious, trying to understand, attempting to learn. When I train I forget I have a job, tasks, chores, other roles in society. For one long moment, I am the sole inhabitant of my body and my mind and there is nothing more important than being my best self, physically and mentally. And when I finish training I feel like I did the best thing I could ever do with my time. When I see my small improvements, I acknowledge that every drop of sweat mattered and that I am constantly evolving for the best. And this is the GREAT lesson: If you want something, you must persist and it will happen for you.

Oana L. Robotics Marketing Executive
Andrei S.

For several years, I've been collecting gym subscriptions and not using them due to the boring "flatness" of the exercises. At Replay CrossFit I have found a new dynamic approach to my workouts - it's all about biomechanics and endurance of every dimension of your body. It was challenging in the beginning, but once you get to know the technique, there's nothing stopping you... only yourself! The classes that I've taken boosted my energy, accelerated my weight loss and muscle buildup in a sustainable and fun way. The community is awesome and always very supportive.

Andrei S. Productivity Leader in Procurement
Gabriela V.

I recently went to Replay Cross Fit and as a former tennis player, I found it to be a much better than going to a regular gym. I love how challenging it is and how it keeps me motivated to become better with every workout. My favorite exercise is wall balls and my least favorite has to be burpees. Hands down! My goals are to improve my upper body strength, become stronger overall and just have a healthy lifestyle. This brings me to another great thing I love about Replay CrossFit --- I love being part of an awesome and supporting community that shares the same goals.

Gabriela V. Make up artist