You are NOT your OPEN Score

The CrossFit Open season is about to start. 

For many of us, it is a stressful month filled with anxiety about “The Announcement of the Workout,” our strategies, our multiple attempts to improve our score and even some sleepless nights in anticipation. Not to mention the unease of being judged by others who we feel may think less of us, afterwards.

In reality, the Open is just a fun, good way to test ourselves at five workouts to see how we stack up with the rest of the world. Or to test against your score last year, to see how far you have come. Especially, since so much time and dedication has been devoted to your attempt to “be the best that you can be.”

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Yes, You Can Do CrossFit

“I could never do CrossFit.”

Trainers often hear this statement from people who don’t do CrossFit, and I want to apologize for giving you the wrong impression.

I’m here to tell you CrossFit is not a sink-or-swim fitness program, and no minimum level of fitness is required.

You can do CrossFit—but I know why you doubt that.

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The Only Way to Keep Your Resolutions

New Year’s Eve is a time to set goals: to eat better, to save more money, to work harder, to drink less. It’s Day 1 on the road to a “new you.” But this road, as we all know, is difficult to follow. Humans are notoriously bad at resisting temptation, especially (as research confirms) if we’re busy, tired or stressed. By Jan. 8, some 25 percent of resolutions have fallen by the wayside. And by the time the year ends, fewer than 10 percent have been fully kept.

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A Membership for Mental Health

I struggled with the decision of whether to attach my name to this piece or leave it anonymous. On the one hand, I consider myself a supporter of the End the Stigma campaign, which aims to change perspectives on mental health through open discussion of issues. However, once this article is published, I run the risk of clients or clients’ parents finding out about my own battles with mental illness.

When I think about it, though, my hesitance comes down to fear—fear that people will not be understanding or able to separate my mental health from my capabilities. Fear has been a companion of mine for a long time.

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Specialty Weightlifting Course_Coming to Replay CrossFit in 2018

Big News (in English & Romanian) to share with you:

We are super pleased to announce that CrossFit USA plans to bring their Specialty Weightlifting Course to our Box next year.

This amazing two-day course teaches the famous “Burgener” technique to safely reach your full lifting potential.

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Replay CrossFit Gift Voucher - Surprise someone today!

Now you can purchase Replay CrossFit Gift Memberships online and avoid the rush and hassle of hours at the Mall searching for unknown gifts.
Surprise your Best Friend Forever (BFF) or a Loved One.
It doesn't even have to be their Birthday or Christmas time or Name Day.
So simple and easy to do.

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You can make a difference too!

As a small family business, we don't use traditional marketing or paid advertising magazine articles to get the word out about Replay CrossFit. 

We rely on our awesome community to recommend us. That means we rely on you!

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Three CrossFit Myths That Make Affiliate Owners Crazy

“I’m going to get bulky.”

“I’m going to get injured.”

“I’m not fit enough for CrossFit.”

Experienced affiliate owners and coaches have been hearing these myths for years, and they’ve discovered ways to dispel them, helping people confront their fears and insecurities in the process.

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2017 Reebok CrossFit Games!

The CrossFit Games are the world’s premier test to find the Fittest on Earth. They are world-renowned as a grueling test for the toughest athletes on Earth as well as a thrilling experience for spectators. Since its inception in 2007, the CrossFit Games have become “one of the fastest growing sports in America,” according to Forbes.

The CrossFit Games events are made up of a broad range of functional movements.

Functional movements move large loads, long distances, quickly. These movements also form the basis of our exercise program. 

At each CrossFit Games, the athletes engage in a series of challenges unknown to them until right before the competition. The combination of highly trained athletes and unknown events makes for an explosive mix. 

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Pregnancy: A Practical Guide for Scaling

CrossFit has the proven ability to deliver world-class fitness to all—including women who are pregnant.

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Oana L.

When I was in school I skipped sport classes because I hated them. I completely avoided all sports. This is the longest relationship I’ve had with a gym! Today, people rarely work toward future improvements and I am no exception. But, in addition to the long-term benefits, Replay gives me instant rewards, too. Everybody wants the long-term benefits of CrossFit, but that is not what keeps me coming to the Box almost every day. What keeps me committed is the way I feel every time I come to Replay CrossFit. When I am in the Box and I listen to the Coach teaching me something new, I feel like a child: curious, trying to understand, attempting to learn. When I train I forget I have a job, tasks, chores, other roles in society. For one long moment, I am the sole inhabitant of my body and my mind and there is nothing more important than being my best self, physically and mentally. And when I finish training I feel like I did the best thing I could ever do with my time. When I see my small improvements, I acknowledge that every drop of sweat mattered and that I am constantly evolving for the best. And this is the GREAT lesson: If you want something, you must persist and it will happen for you.

Oana L. Robotics Marketing Executive
Andrei S.

For several years, I've been collecting gym subscriptions and not using them due to the boring "flatness" of the exercises. At Replay CrossFit I have found a new dynamic approach to my workouts - it's all about biomechanics and endurance of every dimension of your body. It was challenging in the beginning, but once you get to know the technique, there's nothing stopping you... only yourself! The classes that I've taken boosted my energy, accelerated my weight loss and muscle buildup in a sustainable and fun way. The community is awesome and always very supportive.

Andrei S. Productivity Leader in Procurement
Gabriela V.

I recently went to Replay Cross Fit and as a former tennis player, I found it to be a much better than going to a regular gym. I love how challenging it is and how it keeps me motivated to become better with every workout. My favorite exercise is wall balls and my least favorite has to be burpees. Hands down! My goals are to improve my upper body strength, become stronger overall and just have a healthy lifestyle. This brings me to another great thing I love about Replay CrossFit --- I love being part of an awesome and supporting community that shares the same goals.

Gabriela V. Make up artist