Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:
- Is it true?
- Is it necessary?
- Is it kind?



DRIVING TO REPLAY CROSSFIT, PIPERA: Drive on Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu past Pipera Metro Station on the right. Turn left after Raiffeisen Bank (just before Inmedio) into Iride Business Park. Drive to the end and take the left barrier. Building 13 is on the right.

WALKING TO REPLAY CROSSFIT, PIPERA: From Pipera Metro Station cross the street and turn right. Pass Regina Maria on the left and turn left into Iride Business Park through the barrier. Walk straight and turn right to Iride Building 13.

Catalina C. aka Lee Heart

It was a beautiful surprise to see how the training methods of Replay Crossfit are put in place and most importantly how all the aspects are taken into consideration (warming up properly, stretching, the WOD, constant technique improvement and so on). I am constantly learning new things and this keeps me motivated to come back for more. Replay also helps me disconnect from my daily routine and makes it easier for me to discover what it means to push harder, not only during the training, but in all other aspects of my life.

Catalina C. aka Lee Heart Artist
Georgiana Z.

Love the Replay experience, the place, the people, the training. Honestly, I couldn't have found a better way to stay in shape. Currently trying to convince everyone I know to join Replay CrossFit! A Big Thumbs Up for them!!!

Georgiana Z. Customer Service
Paul B.

What l love most about Replay CrossFit - The American Way - is that it’s training for the mind as much as it is training for the body. You finally must take responsibility for setting your own limits and managing your personal environment in an efficient way. They track your progress to measure improvement and help you maintain your motivation to train. There are many solid leadership skills acquired at the Replay Box and they have a positive impact on real life situations at home and at work. Since I began training, five of my colleagues have joined and we’re still counting.

Paul B. Badsi Auto Dealer & Services Owner