Replay Monthly Unlimited
369.00 RON

WOD of the day to make your day!

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Replay 6 Months Unlimited
1,948.00 RON

The BEST value for our loyal members. 

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Replay 3 Months Unlimited
996.00 RON

A better value for our loyal members. 

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Replay 8 CrossFit Classes
290.00 RON

A light commitment of 2 classes per week.

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Replay 4 CrossFit Classes
160.00 RON

When you travel a lot with work. 

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Replay DROP-IN
45.00 RON

Be our guest. 

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Our Paleo Nutrition Challenge - Look Better Feel Better
99.00 RON
“The key to the Paleo Diet is to stay with this wonderful way of eating. I can guarantee that you will immediately feel better. Your energy level will increase; you won't have to endure that late afternoon tiredness or “blah” feeling. In the morning you will wake up charged and ready to greet the new day. You will feel better with each passing day, and as the weeks go by, you will notice that your clothes feel a bit loose. Your weight will eventually drop week-by-week, until your normal, healthy body weight is restored. For some people, this may take one or two months; for others , six months to a year and for those with severe weight and health problems, a year or more. But the bottom line is that it will happen.” 
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Speed Jump Rope #FASTER
85.00 RON

It’s a well-known secret that jumping rope creates amazing fitness results! Although is it still a secret if everybody knows? innocent

Jumping Rope quickly elevates your heart-rate, improves your cardio-vascular endurance, develops coordination & balance and makes you more agile. You can use it in the living room, garden, park and/or take it on travel. Anywhere, anytime.

If you wanna practice double unders or melt the body fat away, this is one of the fastest way to achieve it. 

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The Happiest Foam Roller!
99.00 RON

Loved by Crossfit athletes, runners, swimmers, yoga students, physical and sports therapy patients who want to stretch overworked, strained or tired muscles. Our foam roller uses patented technology to deliver an excellent therapeutic self massage.

It's one of the best tools to increase blood flow to problem areas, while tagging performance and flexibility. Rolling before and after exercise is part of a great stretching routine. It smoothes contracted muscles while flushing away stored lactic acid. We use it daily at our Box!

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#Stronger Wrist Wraps
69.00 RON

They are lightweight. They are flexible. They are comfy. Easy to carry and oh, so good n' strong. No matter if you are a CrossFitter, a Weightlifter, a professional gymnast or a fitness enthusiast, our wraps support your wrists during training. Wearing wrist wraps will actually help you lift heavier weights and stabilize your joints for better performance.


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