CrossFit Fundamentals 8+2

CrossFit Fundamentals 8+2
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Price: 0.00 RON train for eight (8) classes to experience the power and the energy of our entire community in regular classes. You pay for 8 sessions, you get 2 FREE FUNDAMENTALS! It doesn't get better than that! cool

Sessions will be Monday (18:30 for Fundamental 1) and Thursday (18:30 for Fundamental 2).
They will be about 75 minutes long and limited to six (6) people per class. 

Advanced enrollment is required. Click the Sign up NOW button on our website. Follow the easy steps & Register as Unpaid.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve trained at a traditional gym or if you do other sports, CrossFit is a different Beast ~ So let’s tame it together!

Do we hear a Hell, Yeah? kiss
See you at the Box! 

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