Fundraiser Sale: Speed Jump Rope #FASTER

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The handsome custom design includes a red aluminum handle, an anti-slip surface at the base, the laser logo #FASTER on the handle and the most important feature: an adjustable nylon-coated black cable. Same with shoes, sizing is essential. If you ever got stuck in a workout with the wrong size jump rope, for sure you remember the tangling and frustration. 

The cable is very thin and the attachment mechanism ensures blazing speed with a smooth, consistent spin.

So, throw the light pouch in your gym bag for the WOD. Use it during OPEN GYM to practice double unders. How many unbroken reps could you get? Use it at home or take it with you when you travel. Make it the perfect gift for somebody special in your life. Surprise somebody today. 


  •       Red aluminum handle with knurl-textured grip;
  •       Handle length is approx 15cm;
  •       White #FASTER  logo on the handle;
  •       Adjustable Nylon Coated Black Speed Cable;
  •       Cable length is of 3m;
  •       Includes a black nylon carry bag with Replay CrossFit logo on it;
  •       Recommended for all levels. 
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